Friends Day is Facebook's birthday. And like everyone else on their birthday, we make a way bigger deal about it than we should.
Friends Day is a made-up holiday that celebrates something real: our friends.
This year, we wanted to remind everyone just how great their friends are, while giving them a way to say thanks.
So we created an on-platform product called "Friend Awards" along with all the marketing that supported it.

The product allows people to give their friends awards based on what makes them so great. 
On the day of, over 600 million people on Facebook received a personalized video featuring their Facebook content.
From there, each person could give as many awards to their friends as they want.



Some awards were based on on-platform behavior like "Big Liker" and "First Facebook Friend.
Other awards celebrated how great friends are in real life like, "World-Class Hugs" "Sweet Dance Moves" or "My Favorite Weirdo."


To get people into the Friends Day spirit (as well as remind them that Friends Day is definitely a thing),
we shot five documentary shorts about friendship that took place all over the world. 


Check out your Friends Day experience here: